The founders of JurisPrudent bring more than 100 years of combined experience in tax-deferred compensation plans and administer over $7 billion for many of America’s largest companies. We used our expertise to create a program that combines the best of Fortune 500 deferred compensation with the best of attorney fee deferrals.

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Our Client Service Team is dedicated to providing excellent customer support to our law firm clients.

Jon Baucom

Client Service Manager

Jon serves as the primary contact for our law firm clients

Alex Saul

Client Service Associate

Alexander Saul is a dedicated professional currently serving as a Client Service Associate.


Leif Lundberg
President / Chairman

18+ years working with leading personal injury, class action and mass tort firms.

Clifford R. Eisler

Three decades of experience leading major industry innovations. Previously Managing Director at JP Morgan.

Ryan D. Kelley

More than 20 years of experience in tax-deferral plans. Previously Vice President at Newport Group.

Benjamin R. Eisler
Managing Director

Over a decade of experience working with trial lawyers. Previously Emmy award-winning journalist at 60 Minutes.


Paul Schlemmer

Paul has decades of experience with the financial structuring of multi-million dollar client settlements and attorneys’ fee deferrals.  

Wayne Parsons

Wayne Parsons brings a wealth of experience in personal injury law as well as trial advocacy skills via working in a public defender’s office.

Our Institutional Partners

  • World’s Largest Trustee and Custodian
  • $46.6 Trillion in Assets Under Custody and/or Administration
  • www.bnymellon.com
  • AAS provides administrative and technology solutions used in Deferred Compensation Plans.
  • Administers over $7 Billion of Deferred Compensation

Administers deferred compensation risk management programs for Fortune 500 corporations.

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A leading executive benefits consulting and asset management firm founded by industry veterans.

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